Friday, 12 June 2009

Two AM

It's 2am, Friday morning, small hours.
Been spending most of this night around my only manuscript in Portuguese. It's called Morto. And it's giving me more trouble editing than I had anticipated.

I think it's because of some of the characters. They're still not clear in my head. And whilst that doesn't happen, I'll have to struggle some more.
The rest will be easier I'm sure.
But I spent 5 or 6 hours today around a scene in a bar.
Ended up writing a short one, just with 4 characters in order to define them a bit better.
Also realizing that this scene will have to be moved around a bit. I'm in the beginning of this story but this scene will probably be better placed closer to the middle of the story. The reader will need to know some of the characters fairly well before we get to it.

The main problem is that there's 8 people talking. The talk shifts back and forth around this dead guy and the inability of some of dealing with it.
And I still don't know the characters well enough to have them interacting so fully.
Yet, at the same time, I feel I need to do this scene in the order it was placed. I know that when I finish this version of it all the characters will be much clearer in my head and this will help me a lot throughout the rest of the book.

This is what I have been doing during the last few days.
This and some comics reviews.

I want to have a second draft of this book ready before the end of the month so that I can try and send it to a publisher in Portugal. They're called Objectiva and are looking for new writers and ideas.
At least I think that the first chapter is already quite good.
But I want to have the whole thing ready before that.
I want to have a clearer picture of this book and its quality before July comes.


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