Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Comics Scripting - Foggy Patchwork

If friday was a busy day, the ones that followed weren't any slower. Sometimes staying indoors is the best way to get busy. Especially if there's a lot of stuff you want to write about.
(who needs the house cleaned anyway?)
After work (and work finished at 11.30pm on that day...) I still wrote a bit on the RETALHOS project.

Saturday I also came to work but upon arriving home I wrote quite a few things. An idea for a horror film (I know, weird innit?), a bit more on a distorted superhero series that I won't tell you the title (just too good to be shared), some more on THE IMMORTALISTS, a quick return to the book about my trip to Burma almost 4 years ago, THE ORGANIC INSIGHT ENGINE (yeah, it is a good title, but I'm willing to share this one...), some more on another weird SF comics series called THE FUTUROLOGISTS and LAND OF FOG.

My whole idea for this weekend - the plan - was to focus on the RETALHOS project. Sunday was going to be spent working on the ideas I had for the 8 page long comic. And then I would mail it on monday.

But when I woke up on sunday I REALLY felt like writing LAND OF FOG. So, I thought, why not? Still plenty of time.
And then I wrote more than 8,000 words. And this went on until 1 am.

(so RETALHOS had to jump to monday...)

I finished a chapter and wrote most of another. And I'm quite happy the way both of them turned out. The scenes, even though quite freaky, seem solid enough. I enjoyed the way the characters defined themselves, came together and then drifted away too.

Monday was graphic novels reading group night and we discussed (albeit briefly) Gilbert Hernandez HEARTBREAK SOUP.
(which I still haven't read 'cause all the copies went to the readers...)
(that's why I'm not saying anything else about it right now)

On monday I managed to whip up the first draft for the RETALHOS comic. And send it out. Missing all the weird portuguese accentuation but hey... it is a first draft. And at least I'm totally cohesive on it: not a single word has any of the need accentuation.

(which means when I review the thing I'm gonna spend a couple of hours right-clicking on words and correcting them...)

When I got home I still wrote a bit more on LAND OF FOG (I really want to finish it some time soon - and I'm really enjoying the story - that's the advantage of being the writer: you get to readt it and be surprised by it before anyone else!)

Today I spent some time typing stuff I had on THE WEIRD MACHINE and, as it almost always happens, adding a few ideas to the patchwork.
Did the same with IN THE WILD. Typed everything up and am now in the process of connecting the bits of dialogue with the panels. And it's looking good. The feel of deep conection to the Earth is coming across. And I know I'll fine tuned it a bit as I go along, since it is the main drive of the story.

Anyway, can't wait to get home and...
write some more on LAND OF FOG...

Sometimes stories just take you away.
With no return date to be found.

I've got to finish this one quickly 'cause NaNoWriMo is almost upon us all!


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