Friday, 5 December 2008

Portuguese Trips

Spent the last 8 days or so in portugal. And, until sunday the 30th of november, I was almost completely absorbed with nanowrimo and ML.

I finished a mostly unreadable first draft over 151 000 words long.

I feel that I am now ready to start writing the book proper but it will have to wait. I need a rest from ML!

I've had a couple of ideas since then, namely one for a short theatre play under the current alias of TRAIN OF THOUGHT.

And a few ideas for a trilogy of films for Marvel starring one of their characters. I started writing the synopsis for the stories (it was only one film in the beginning, but then I got a bit carried away...) still on the airplane and then, whilst riding the 436 to Lewisham, as I wrote some more, it started to become clear where the first film could end and the second one begin.
And, while having some food, round about 1am, already home, already in bed, already glad that I could switch on my computer and use that well known keyboard for as long as I'd like, I added a few more ideas, some more lines, planned very roughly the first two films and finally a third came in. Kind of rounding everything up.
Which is how I like it to be really.

So this is December. The month where christmas happens, either you believe in santa claus or not.
The month where some people buy presents, others expect to receive them and still others, like me, only buy if they really feel like it.

(I prefer to give presents whenever I feel like it, not because of any specific date - call me a present intuitive...)

And, in this month of consumerism and family (and food and tv and many other things) I'm planning on spending most of my time revising LAND OF FOG in order to have a readable draft before the year finishes.
And continue working on A VIEW OF THE MOUNTAIN.
And probably write some more on a few scripts and odds and ends that my mind will take me to.

Be well,

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