Friday, 17 April 2009

TAF Update

After all that storming through this script I find myself more or less in the same position two days past.
Not enough time my friends!

Today the mission is to at least type up some of the stuff.
I know, it's a pain, especially when you're transferring word text to celtx because the formatting goes all wrong... but, if I don't do it that will mean that until sunday afternoon I won't have added anything to my celtx file... if I do this means that I'll probably be able to at least add what I've typed since the re-formatting doesn't take as long as the typing itself. Double work but best done...

In any case, yesterday, already in bed, already past one, already feeling tired, I did actually manage to write 4 short short stories for a Zine that some friends of mine are compiling.
The stories are all a bit surreal and inspired by Gene Wolfe.

I can't really tell you what they're about.

(well, I could... but that would spoil the effect somehow...)

After the Zine is done (I still don't know if they'll feature there or not) I'll post them here for your delight.


Wishing you well.


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