Friday, 29 October 2010

One Moment Left

Dear ones,

Yesterday was a much shorter writing day that I would've liked.
I had to go to work (and it went well!).
But I still had a schedule...

07-08, 1h - Meditation
08-18, 10h - Work
18-19, 1h - Revise Land Of Fog
19-20, 1h - Eat
20-21, 1h - Revise and send One Moment Left
21-22, 2h - Organise NaNoWriMo
22-24, 2h - FILM (first episode of Caprica and a 10 min short from LOST)
24-01, 1h - Revise Land Of Fog

Well, I had trouble sleeping the previous night and so, after some 3 and half solid hours of sleep, I promptly got up to meditate and sat for about 5 minutes. So that was that...
Work went well even though it was quite busy.
I came back later than I expected (which is what usually happens...) I showered and ate and did a bit of revision. Slow but thorough I believe.

And then I sat and wrote another bit to One Moment Left, something that'd been dangling on my head that day, clarifying a somewhat veiled thing in the story (TREN). I think the story is better because of it.
I did a short revision of those couple of paragraphs and then set out to read and revise the whole thing.
It stands at roughly 4800 words.
Just reading all of that took the better part of an hour...

But I did a few minor changes and went into the Creative Commons website and sorted out the licensing, revised the email about this short that I'd typed out already and clicked SEND.

And away we go...

I'm happy with this story - but not entirely so. There's a lot in it and I think it has a similar problem to what I felt in Morto and Land Of Fog - it doesn't flow smoothly. It goes up and down, loses and gains speed. It still feels a bit pacthy - from my perspective at least.
But, it is a first draft.
And this is as much as I'm willing to spend editing it for now. In any case, the story is partially aimed at being patchy, this will hopefully enhance the feel of how Kharther's perspective on life is.

Now I want to start with the third short... really wanted to do this today but there are a couple of other things I feel I should do before that...

One is these posts. Another is to revise some more of Land Of Fog. Another is to write a reply to a video I partially watched yesterday. A talk given by Ken Wilber about the nature of enlightenment and the direction of spirituality.
That's what I'm gonna do after this and I'm hoping to email/post it straight after.

And then I'm gonna go to work.

So, let's get on with it, shall we?!


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