Friday, 12 November 2010

Tuesday's Beckonings

Now that I look back, I already wasn't feeling all that well during that day. But I kept writing stuff for Lands Of Mist as best as I could. I think this was the day I introduced (or at least started to explore a bit more) a new character called Fathiya, one whose role has been increasingly important as these days have passed. I wonder where it will all lead...

This was also the day my brother went back to portugal. I actually woke up at 7am and took him to the train station and so forth but, I was back home around 8 something and I went back to bed...

12-13, 1h - Breakfast
13-15, 2h - Lands Of Mist
15-15.30, 0.5h - Emails
15.30-16.30, 1h - Lands Of Mist
16.30-17.30, 1h - Lands Of Mist
17.30-18.30, 1h - chat + guitar (free falling)
18.30-19.30, 1h - Food
19.30-20.30, 1h - Lands Of Mist
20.30-21, 0.5h - Emails
21-22, 1h - Lands Of Mist
22-00, 2h - Curb Your Enthusiasm + guitar
00-0.30, 0.5h - Lands Of Mist
0.30-01, 0.5h - Meditation

This day kind of blurs with the rest of the week because I've spent most of my time at home writing. Everything becomes a blur - even if keeping a schedule does make you feel you've accomplished something at least...


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