Friday, 20 March 2009

A View Of The Mountain - The End Is Near(er)

Can't even remember when was the last time I posted here...
That's how spaced out I am...
The only thing I know is that everyday I've looking at all those pages of script and using a lot of red ink.

For a while it felt that, for every solution encountered, three new problems surfaced.

But I think solutions and problems are at a tie...

Still have 20 pages of long hand notes, changes, new scenes and the odd bit of information to type and go through.
Ive been changing the order of quite a few scenes and, quite frankly, I think that there are going to be whole whole sequences chucked out.
Not just re-written.

I read NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN (Cormac McCarthy) recently and it truly is an amazing book.
This was probably the read I needed the most while correcting this script. Everything in this book serves the story. So much so that it shed some light on what I was trying to do.
And sometimes I feel I'm more connected to the words than to the message that they're supposed to deliver.
Also the importance of preparing the terrain in order to deliver that essence we're trying to communicate.
The ending of NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN is exemplar in that matter.
A book I have a lot to learn from.

I don't think I'll be able to be as strict and strip my story so much as Cormac McCarthy but, I don't think that's my objective anyway.
The idea is to dabble with a few ideas and make it a bit fable like.
Some realism, but not overly.
I don't want people to continously think "what's the message here?", "what's he talking about now?". I want the experience to be a bit smoother. Things seeping in throughout.
Some moments, some sequences, will definitely have a clear message.
But others are just for the fun and heck of it.
(even though it is clearly becoming a "serious" story...)

Anyway 20 pages to go... at best I'll have this new(er) version of the whole script by sunday evening (and at this point I'm going to go to the IMAX to see WATCHMEN...)
And a new printout by monday.
Which will mean a whole new week of revision for the full script...
I'm hoping that by the end of it everything will be more or less in the right place...
...and I'll have a readable draft!

That's it for now.
Back on the job...


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