Tuesday, 31 March 2009

A View Of The Mountain - Nearing The End

Again more news but still not the ones I'd like to give!

Yes. It's still not completed.

And tomorrow (after midnight) starts the script frenzy - and I'm all up for that!

So I don't know how this coming month will be in terms of our Sage and King...
But I'm hoping I'll continue working on it.
I think it would be foolish to let it go now. Now when the story is clearer than ever in my head.

I think I'll use it as a means to rest in between the other two scripts that I'll be writing.

The thing is: I'm loving this story more and more.

Recently I've been watching ROME and AVATAR: The Last Airbender and, perhaps strangely, these two series have shed some light on what I'm doing. Not really conceptually, but in the way you structure things.
I guess that's always been the major problem.
If I was doubting the series a while ago, now it's really more a question of having it finished because I really want to see its "roundness" showing...

Anyway, I'll keep you posted on my advances...
...as best as I can!


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