Saturday, 13 September 2008

Comics Script

This has been a busy week. A VIEW OF THE MOUNTAIN keeps growing. All the scenes I had handwritten are now on my big file of notes and ideas for the comic. Next phase is to try and get some order out of them, eventually add some to the first chapter, some to the second and see if it makes some sense to actually write a third one. If it does, I'm thinking it will be more of an illustrated story than anything else. Or a weird kind of comic. The third volume would be more like an essay on the downfall of empires than anything else. A lesson on politics and sociology so to speak.
We'll see...

Wrote a short comic called IN THE WILD and it's about a Native American Indian returning to his tribe after a very long hunt. I have it on paper but still need to put it on electronic format and organise/review the whole thing.

Also wrote a bit more on THE IMMORTALISTS. This time another series of ideas for a greek character and some weird Greek mythology. The thing with this series is that it seems to be more about a thousand different characters than plot... But there's a story there. I guess I just have a whole heap of threads to weave...

Also reviewed the whole of my short theatre play called DOUBLE SIDED (in portuguese, A DUAS VOZES). I'm still not entirely happy with the structure of the text and pacing of the story but (if it does get selected) because it will be just the platform for a whole heap of experimentation, I'm not really worried. Just hope they like it and find it intense enough to work on it.

Also wrote the intro and beginning of the first chapter for a crime book called IN FORESTS DEEP. It's about a very peculiar detective trying to capture a serial killer no one believes exists. But he knows his stuff. In actual fact, thsi detective knows more than he realises...

(I was thinking about what to write for the upcoming NaNoWriMo and some scenes started to surface for this book. But, as soon as I started to write them I began feeling really heavy and low on energy. Crime really isn't one of my favourite themes and writing about it, just drags me down a bit. Still, I think the idea for the book is quite good and the writing is quite easy. Crime tends to be very stereotypical and you don't need to worry about have people with a really bad temper in there... but I like the detective. He's laid back and is as much on the job as considering his next holiday. He's a bit stuck between two worlds. What he really would like to do - anything but being a detective - and what he's good at. You see, his problema is that he doesn't like being a detective but he knows he's a good one. And that he can save lives that no one else can. And that's what counts for him.)

Also wrote something to post here but it not only got very big but also too personal. I don't mind sharing my inner ramblings but, when they're about people I love (even if it's to say nice things) I become much more conscientious and self aware. So, for the time being, it's in limbo. I'm reviewing it and, hopefully in a couple of days, I'll send it out to some of whom it talks about and see what's the reply.

Also did some more research and added some bits that were missing to THE SHIFT. Characters list and description, a map of Iraq, some info on the bombings of Fallujah (2004) and Baghad (1991). Little things but that suddenly made the story feel even more believable. I had certain scenes in my head but did not know if they could match the occurrences in the Gulf War and the 2003 invasion of Iraq (and subsequent skirmishes). But it turns out that they do! Quite well in fact!

Today and tomorrow I'm hoping on do some more finishing touches on THE SHIFT, send out DOUBLE SIDED and... whatever I feel like it!


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Humorous, joyful, philosophical, intelligent, graceful and direct.
Frankness, sincerity, intuition, interesting subjects, a vision of life and a creative thinking about…everything.
Keep going, Nimur!
I love your sequential posts!
PS. É pá até escrevi em inglês e tudo... ;)