Thursday, 4 September 2008

Uncanny Affairs

Back at work. But glad that yesterday I managed to stick with the writing.
Sometimes being at home by yourself with seemingly all the time in the world in your hands (something that never seems to last...) just makes you dodge the writing a bit and muck about, doing nothing in particular.
In any case, yesterday felt like one of those days where the writing momentum increased. And I say this because it wasn't easy to keep myself focussed. I'd spend half an hour writing some panels for THE SHIFT and then play the bass for another half hour. Then write for almost an hour and then have a break for some food, or more bass. Then back to the writing...
But I managed to resist the temptations of watching a couple of dvd's! And I know that after a couple more of these one day writing sessions I'll be geared enough to be able to focus more and extract more from each incursion. Kind of like aiming at quantity so that you can actually reach the quality. At least that's how I feel with writing. The more I do it, the easier and better it seems to get.

Still, I think I probably wrote for about 8 hours and that accounted for the complete review of THE SHIFT (which is roughly 90 comics pages long) and 80 new panels to the story - I had a lot of text that still hadn't been given visuals.

Spent a lot of time trying to figure out the anacronisms in the story but ended up deciding that I was simply worrying too much with my natural tendencies to make everything tidy and neat.
(which is actually a bit like how I dreamed my brain would one day be - a dream that I've been failing miserably... but also happily)
The first part of the story occurs during the american bombings of Iraq during the Gulf War and then moves on to the American invasion of Iraq, post 9/11.
(we move from end 1990, beginning 1991 to 2003/2004)

Today I'm typing everything I did yesterday back into the script. I usually do the corrections on a print out and then, after all the fiddling around, going backwards and forwards, I type it back on electronic format, print the whole mess once again and start over. Eventually something readable will come out.
(if I pray long enough...)

That's my mission for today. Write it all up and print in the end. I also realised that I'm not that happy about the structure either. Seems too slow and it doesn't flow well. But I think that as soon as I have a newer draft with all these added bit and that extra scene that I've been meaning to add for ages now - and that I keep forgetting to - things will come more into place. Especially because I'll have to fit it somewhere. And because I'll have images to go with all the text - which makes it a lot easier to organise...

I also want to write something about comics and brains... but I can't remember the title I had for it... and titles are very important...


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