Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Script Frenzy Day 14

Just finished chapter 19.
Again went to bed around 10pm and then woke just after 2am. A bit of a headache but feeling good enough to write chapter 20 before I call it a day.
Everybody's still asleep in the house. They've been keeping weird schedules as well...
It's 10am.
I wish they would wake up so that I could play some guitar. I'm gonna have a break. Have some food. Watch a couple of episodes of anime.
Or read.
Then go shop for some food.
Then write some more.

was quite happy with what happened tonight. I had this important scene that I needed to write and actually think that most of the dialogue there is pretty powerful.
And the same with the end of the story between Williams and his wife.
Also realised that I need to throw in a few more scenes (short ones, thankfully!) in previous chapters to wrap up some loose ends and make Caulder's character more rounded. Hopefully making his confrontation with Roanoke on issue 19 even more meaningful.

That's it!
Off to breakfast!
(part two... part one was at 4 am...)


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