Thursday, 15 April 2010

Script Frenzy Day 15 part one...

Well, yesterday was a productive day, as much as I wanted it to be I guess.
After finishing chapter 19 I had a little nap, woke up, played some guitar and wrote chapter 20, Tempus Fugit, until about 9pm. Then it was time for bed once again!

In Tempus Fugit time is really running and the pressure levels increase. It needs a bit more of character development but the bones and some of the flesh are already there. There's a really good scene between Caulder and Roanoke where the power game really comes to the surface. A fun piece of verbal swordplay that I really enjoyed writing - and that came about more or less spontaneously. I knew that that scene was important and that a few things needed to be said but what actually happened was better than what I had anticipated!

When I finished it I couldn't wait to get my hands on issue 20! But I was tired and so I thought it best to call it a night...

Which was what I did.

I woke up some 5 hours afterwards with a headache. In my case, writing some 40 odd pages of script combined with not much sleep have the effect of making my head feel a bit funny, electric and tense.
I drank tea and plenty of water and, since it wasn't going away, I spent a good half an hour meditating and catching my mind going all over the place besides observing the rising and falling in the abdomen. At least my back was straight and the headache lightened up a bit.
When I emerged I didn't really feel like writing so much. I didn't feel like doing anything much. Not even going back to sleep.

So I started writing.
Chapter 21 which goes by the name of I Remember Nothing. Taken, obviously from the Joy Division track of the same name. I haven't bothered to read the lyrics but I probably will and add one or two phrases from it in the script if they fit in. In any case, it's the resonance of the title and the more direct meaning of it that I was looking for.

Well, since I wrote this I had to go and read the lyrics, didn't I? Still don't know if I'll use one or two of the phrases but the meaning... my god, it's there alright, closer than I even realised.

I started writing a bit haphazardly at first, not being able to focus properly. But, as soon as I got to the scene between Roanoke and Kronan things really opened up. Once again there was a lot that I knew had to happen in this scene. I just didn't know how... But the glimpses I had started to gain weight and meaning and I just wrote more or less everything that came into my mind's eye. Kronan kind of changed in this scene. I knew he would - that was the point after all. But he was already different in the beginning. All because of his talk with Caulder that kind of revealed some stuff I still didn't know about him. As a consequence, all those ideas I had about him became more real and more present - more likely. I think we might still see him after issue 22 but I'm not sure... actually, I think we might just have a glimpse on the final chapter. so that we can see what has happened to him...

I really think that this issue build up for the climax of the series. I'm still a bit uneasy about being able to pull it off with as much strength as I want to. But even if I don't in this first draft (it's what I keep telling myself...) I'm pretty sure that I will on the second.
Or the third.
Most definitely on the fourth.

After all the second draft will be the reorganizing of this whole heap of scenes and chapters, the refining of some of the text, adding all the page layouts and panel descriptions, getting the characters more clearly. And it will probably take as much time as this first draft to finish.

The third draft will be more looking at a chapter by chapter revision. Making the story flow better - even when it comes to the page and panel descriptions. I won't need to worry so much about the broad view because that will be more or less sorted (even thought there will always be details to add)

The fourth draft will essentially be the re-reading of the third with a critical eye to see if all those things revised actually worked or did anything to the story. It's the double checking so to speak.

This is more or less my modus operandi these days when it comes to writing something. Even with a short story I'll tend to pick it up and drop it a few times in order to gain some perspective over it. The difference is that with a short story it's much easier to go through the four phases in one sitting. With something like this I'll really need time to get it all done...

That's it!
don't know exactly what I'm going to do just now, but maybe it's a good idea to rest for a little while.
And enjoy the sunshine that came out!


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