Thursday, 29 April 2010

Script Frenzy Day 29

To start the day I finished The Softeness Of Memory. Just a couple of scenes I'd left on the side to wrap up with a fresher head...

And now the real challenge...

As I opened my Ayoola file... well, I realised my script had stopped at page 40... oops!

The good news was that I had mapped out (though somewhat haphazardly...) the remainder of the script. I also had another handwritten page with ideas for some scenes.
Well, what else was there to do but type?!

Well, in fact, first, I read what I had written so far. I was still in the first fourth or third (at best) of the story. Ayoola and Maurice (I have to change his name somehow... it doesn't feel suitable anymore...) had met, they were romantically involved but... the real drama was to begin still.

I wrote all the way to page 62 I think. The story gained quite a bit of momentum and I advanced through the plot even though some of the dialogue was really perfunctory.

I didn't write as much as I could've because I went to a gig (a Mão Morta gig in Coliseu Dos Recreios) with my brother. And, to be honest, it was good to get out for a while.

By the time I went to sleep Maurice was about to buy Ayoola a way out, even with all the dangers that that might entail.

They were in love, oh so very hopelessly in love...
And their troubles were only beginning...


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